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If somehow you knew tomorrow that a chef will turn your body into a product of human consumption, how would you like to be served?

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One of my life long dreams is to have a pillow fight on a bed made out of fluffy clouds with 27 supermodel-grade females. So I set out and scoured ... More
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One day I stumbled upon a restaurant called ‘Rise’ and immediately stormed into the front entrance in my pyjamas demanding that the chef summon his own inner strength and leap ... More
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In the leafy streets of Surry Hipster Hills, a new Japanese powerhouse with killer produce assembled with a modern Tokyo edge has emerged from the rubble. Amazingly, no milk crates ... More
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Armed with $110.90, I could not quite afford entry into the high rollers poker club but I was getting rather peckish in a manly Bond way. And what can be ... More
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One morning, some dude wearing a bandana woke up in a sweat and said to himself “Japanese and Jazz both start with the letter J!” And from there, restaurant history ... More