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This place could be one of my favourite japanese restaurant / bar so far. The environment, the music and of course the food. I’ve heard mixed reviews about Toko, the fact that it can be overrated and how it’s a pain in the arse to get a seat, almost like lining up outside a club (that’s because it doesn’t take any reservation during dinner). But that never stopped me since I’ve always wanted to eat at Toko, I mean, the wooden deco, how hot is that.

Edamame - Soybeans, Maldon sea salt scored 17/20

Soybeans, it’s like every other Japanese restaurant. I’ve given alot of soybeans at different restaurants but this could be one of the nicest soybeans I’ve eaten. You can actually smell the soybeans! but I guess it was served warm instead of cold.

Gyu Niki no tataki - Seared beef, pickle onions, mizuna garlic chips. Scored 15/20

I thought it tasted average, but the texture of the beef was there so it made up for the lost of flavour.

Hiramasa Soba Usuzukuri - Sliced Kingfish, chilli... Scored 17/20

This kingfish was delicious, the fish was fresh and it had all the flavours there.

Chef's selection of nigiri sushi - 5 pieces scored 13/20

When I hear the word “chef’s selection” i think, this going to be tasteful, but As soon I saw the dish come out with 5 average looking sushi, my expectation of the “Chef’s selection” dropped. When i had the sushi, it tasted better than i thought.

Lychee & Jasmine Mojito. scored 18/20

I love my Mojito’s, and having this lychee & Jasmine Mojito blew me away. It tasted like there wasn’t any alcohol in it, but after drinking half of it too fast, I felt it.

There was more dishes but my camera died, the ones above were only the small dishes, my camera did not make it to the kitchen dishes. I had the Miso cod fish and grilled scollops with  which both scored 19/20. The two last dishes actually topped it off, it made the night complete.

Definitely revisit this place, and next time, i know what to choose, none of the chef’s selection stuff.

490 Crown St
Surry Hills, NSW 2010
Ph: (02) 9357 6100


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