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When I feel like something light, something to nibble on, nothing to heavy, i always end up having japanese sushi trains. One of my mistake was visiting Asagao on PItt Street, the place didn’t have air-con, all the waiters were soaked in their sweat and not the mention the warm sushi.

But I’ve found the perfect place, Sushi Rio. Jazzy music, good foods and good service. Here and there they have special lunch deals like $3 for all plates from 12pm – 5pm and they’re not cheap about it aswel.

Here are some of the dishes i’ve tried.

Eel roll with cream cheese 8/10

This eel roll (also known as Dragon roll at Wagaya) would be one of my favourites, I thought it was weird to have cream cheese in the roll, but it makes it 10 times better.

Engawa 8/10

This dish I thought was interesting, I don’t really know what it is, but i remember the chef said fish fin, it’s semi burn from the mini flame thrower, just a squeeze of lemon, ┬áthe fins just melts in your mouth.

Tofu with Soft Shell Crabs 7/10

I’m a big fan of tofu, so having tofu with soft shell crabs, is like a 2 hit combo right in the mouth.

Salmon with onions and mayo 7/10

As a personal thing, i think this would be the first dish you should eat before trying everything else, this dish for me would be the sushi train experience.

Salmon Roe ships 7/10

This was my first dish ever to try japanese sushi, it’s funny one out of all dishes, it had to do something with raw fish eggs. I love it when it just pops in your mouth. Just a squeeze of lemon would taste prefect.

Grilled scollops mayo and salmon roe 6/10

This dish looks interesting but it didn’t taste like how I told it did in my head. There wasn’t much taste with the flamed scollops, perhaps the saw taste scollops doesn’t taste as good as cooked ones.

As you can see, most of the dished were on red dishes, it basically means I was there when it was on lunch special, so all the dished you’ve seen was all $3 each. You should visit Sushi Rio some time and maybe try the Engawa, tell me what you think.

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