Putting theory to practice – attacking the potatoes…

Fantastic food photography has real ability to strike emotion in readers like boys drooling over a hot red Ferrari on a magazine spread. A stunning photo may invoke memories of a memorable night, a tummy rumble or even anger. When I heard from my fellow food fanatic (Betty from Betty’s Bites) that Billy from A Table for Two (ATFT) was holding specialised food photography lessons, I said to myself “that’s quite nifty”. Betty then further added that it was going to be held at Mumu Grill in Crows Nest with a banquet included. By that time, I was already holding a credit card.

Jamon Serrano 15 months & Catalan Bread

Game Bird Empanadas with MUMU BBQ Sauce

The course was run very much like a uni tutorial only everyone was way more interested with the presentation and not thinking about 2.30pm drinks with mates at the pub. We learnt everything from camera settings through to photo post-processing. Of course no lesson is complete without some practical lessons and naturally, the banquet offered by Mumu was the subject for the day.

T-Bone “Tagliatta” – seared and sliced finished with Rosemary and Garlic

Duck Fat Potatoes

Cherry Tomato Salad with Buffalo Mozzarella and Fresh Oregano

Despite a cheeky name and scatterings of love heart imagery, Mumu Grill takes the humble steak seriously. The T-bone Tagliatta was the real hero of the banquet arriving on a hotplate imparting a beaut crispy exterior. The steak was exceptionally flavoursome, tender and juicy like digging into a sliced orange. Other highlights included the sinful duck fat roasted potatoes which were probably the best tasting ones I’ve had. A perfect match to the top steak.

Dessert Tasting Platter

We finished off the course and the banquet with dessert platters by most of these were only half finished. What a shame because on show was a rocking brown sugar pavlova and a disturbingly interesting pancetta (yes the ham) and dulce de leche ice cream.

Billy was a fantastic host who was very accommodating, and made a great effort to share his experience to photographers at all levels. I find very selfless for someone to share their craft so openly in the increasingly popular world of food blogging, so I take my hat off to you mate. It was also great to meet other like-minded folks who don’t mind pointing their $1,000 optics at green olives and glasses of water. Myself guilty as charged.

For more details regarding the course, check out http://www.atablefortwo.com.au for details on availability, cost and dates.

Editor note: No rating was awarded given this was not a review. Maybe another time.

MUMU Grill

70-76 Alexander St
Crows Nest NSW 2065
(02) 9460 6877

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