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I love sushi trains and I thought there is nothing more I could say about them. But if you visit Sushi Hotaru, not only that they have good food but you will see the longest sushi train in your life. Never have a seen a sushi train that reaches over 10 (estimate) meters long. It amazed me and so did they food.

Eel with cream cheese, Prawn with Mayo Ship, King Fish Cream Ship, Salmon with Mayo Nigiri - 15/20

Lychee Calpis, Grilled Scollops Nigiri, Grilled Engawa Nigiri 15/20

Engawa means an exterior hallway on the side of a traditional Japanese house. It refers to the thin muscle of the dorsal fin which is located on the side of the Halibut. It is rare to fine at a sushi restaurant so if you do see a place making it, try it. make sure you have lemon squeezed on top of it and let it melt in your mouth.

Grand Opening Special – All sushi’s are $2.50 each
Must try Lychee Calpis and Grilled Engawa Nigiri

Another restaurant from Sushi Rio.

Sushi Hotaru
Shop RP1/ 500 George Street
Sydney, 2000

Sushi Hotaru

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