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When I dip, you dip, we dip

There comes a moment in time when you get dragged by your family to have a boring Chinese banquet consisting of Mr Mongol Lamb and Saucy Sweet & Sour at some Palace in Chinatown. I have devised a strategy that is downright ballsy for you kids to try at home. Excuse yourself for an extended toilet break (timed preferably after a dodgy oyster) and bolt on to GoodGod Small Bar where you can grab yourself a HOT DAWG, FRIES and BEER.

I don’t know who “Lev” is, but I think he’s a chronic smoker running this neon canteen smoking the crap out of sauces, beans and dogs (not the woof kind). The DAWG, whilst pricey, gives grinning goodness more than Mr Chan’s fruit platter carved into a dragon. Tangy, meaty, smoky, saucy, all the above. This place ain’t just a one trick pony for those who only eat dog, as the BEANS’N'SLAW also got a green thumbs up from the Department of Vegetarian Affairs, a tall order indeed. More thumbs up for the chef who understands life beyond the kitchen pass being chatty between orders. He doesn’t look like a “Lev” (wasn’t smoking either) but he does resemble Michael from Masterchef #3.

Could’ve smashed some ice cream cookie sandwiches but my brother informed me back at the ranch, that fortunes were being told with cookies, meaning the end of the Dip hiatus was near. It’s too easy to get pissed here and forget that your family has fallen asleep on the damask table, but that might be what you wanted. Try ‘The Dip’.

p.s. Phillip Nom is moving through space and time right now – excuse his manners.

A little seedy, alot of fun

LEV'S DAWG - Smoked kosher hot dog w/ chipotle mayo, fresh tomato salsa, grilled yellow peppers and american mustard on a steamed bun ($12)

SALSA FRIES - Thick cut steak fries w/ fresh tomato salsa and white cheese

BEANS'N'SLAW - Smoky BBQ kidney beans w/ apple & cabbage slaw and spicy BBQ sauce on a steamed white roll ($10)

GRILLED GREENS (BROCOLLI) w/ coriander and vinaigrette

GoodGod Small Club
53-55 Liverpool St, Sydney 2000

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