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Nerds can rule the world

I think I’ve found a restaurant that can be classified as ‘creatively-nerdy’. Let me explain in bullet form:

  • Rice crackers served with a little atomiser (err perfume bottle) filled with vinegar to spray on. Thoughts of drenching my dinner date in acetic acid were quickly dashed as we were advised to squirt up to three times on each cracker. I guess that’s kinda fun, but can I squirt on you?
  • House smoked butter being perched on a rectangular stone prism that may have been Pythagoras’s door stop.
  • Cheesecake pumped out of a gas cylinder bottle! And get this, it’s a knock out. I await the moment liquefied steak becomes mainstream but for now a tender scotch fillet makes do.

Even the no longer humble sous-vide machine (thanks Masterchef), makes an appearance here. It’s used to poach apples that are then dusted with pop-rocks for a dessert Einstein would be proud of.  Actually, the desserts are so good here it’s probably why NASA shut down the space program.

It’s no surprise that the mad scientist (err Chef) had a stint at Fat Duck on his resume and he’s clearly sick of what nerds have been eating for far too long:  Pringles, Frozen pizza and Steve Job’s Apple crisps. Whilst nerds might still mistake ‘grill’ with ‘girls’, we can all enjoy the food of the future, today.

RICE CRACKERS sea salt & vinegar $8

KANGAROO TARTARE (50g) mint – hazelnut dressing $15

Smoked salt butter - on a ROCK

BASMATI RICE RISOTTO grilled Yamba prawns chives – lemon zest $22

BRAISED KUROBUTA PORK BELLY XO sauce – sweet corn golden baby beetroots $36

PASTURE FED O’CONNOR SCOTCH FILLET roast bone marrow smoked potato cream $37

APPLE CRUMBLE caramel ice cream macadamia sponge $16

VANILLA CHEESECAKE grilled strawberries, caramel ice cream $16


Level 2/13 Kirketon Road
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Bookings: 02 9356 4535

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