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My loyal readers have often wondered…

is Mr Nom’s palette only worthy of chef hatted prestige? Well yes, it has been sometime since I’ve reviewed a restaurant without a tablecloth (dear god). Thankfully, my self-awareness superpowers have prompted action of extreme order: eat cheap, but still eat well. So without scamming a freebie at the Salvo’s soup kitchen, I toured a forgotten alleyway in Fairfield in Sydney’s South-West. Whilst coming to grips with a new compass direction other than East, a pokey little Lao/Thai diner has been dishing up fiery cuisine well before the likes of Chat Thai and Spice I Am.

Slide open the glass doors, and immediately it’s like walking into someones suburban house where all your Asian noisy aunties, ugly uncles and their bratty kids keep the room buzzing. There is no wine list, million dollar views nor french accented waiters here – actually, its quite the opposite and so’s the price with no dish more than $13.

So what’s the verdict? Big flavours and textures for little money can be found here: paw paw salad – hot and pungent, sausages – fragrant, ox toungue – melting, nam kho – crunchy and sour and duck foetus egg – gross & gross. Don’t forget to be a rebel and ask for a VB by the mug thats chilled by a chunk of ice! Who said you can’t dine in style in these places?

I said its kinda pokey

Fresh greens

Lao style Paw Paw salad

BBQ Ox Tongue

Lao Sausages

Fried Quails with Lemon and Pepper

Fertilised Duck Egg

Crunchy Fried Rice with Lao style Ham

Lao Village

1-3 Anzac Avenue
Fairfield NSW 2165

(02) 9728 7136

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