Tasted by / February 29, 2012

We all know the famous Pho An from Bankstown serves up almightly Pho from the broth of unicorns and magic, but did you know some wizard wearing a cape one day stole the recipe and opened up his own Pho hut?

Being a wizard with a cape, he knows a thing or two about disguises, but this guy actually sucked and called his restaurant Pho Ann (yes that’s An+n). It’s like some Italian dude opening a pizzeria called Pizza Hutt. It’s like you copying exam answers from the classroom nerd but naming the test paper his name + “s” and not yours.

Well at least that wizard got the most important thing right: The Pho here is Unicornly good and at under $10 a bowl, selling your liver can feed you eternally well.

So you might ask, what makes me a Pho-fessional? Well I’ve been a Pho slut for sometime and only two places have me coming back for more, Pho Ann and my mums house because I don’t pay rent.

Pho Tai - Raw beef separated to avoid overcooked beef in hot broth! Yeah you should see how I wash my hands.


Pho Ann

Shop 10/70-72 John St
Cabramatta, New South Wales 2166

(02) 9723 2529

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