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Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak 

Chips and Gravy

Me and a Karaoke room

These are some of the greatest combinations in life. One morning, some dude wearing a bandana woke up in a sweat and said to himself “Japanese and Jazz both start with the letter J!” And from there, restaurant history was made.

Before you get too excited, the sushi isn’t sliced by a saxophone nor is the tempura served on a bass guitar. After you’ve had your reality check, you realise that the menu covers all your Nippon favourites reliably without being too exceptional. Whatever you do, don’t turn a blind eye to the Deep Fried Camembert – Your heart may not agree, but your taste buds will tell it to sit down and shut up. An auto-pilot tasting menu covers all the house favourites leaving you to enjoy the tunes that drown out mundane conversation about Kim Kardashian’s divorce.

When I arrived home, I started thinking about Jazushi spin offs.

  • Italian + Indie = Indie Italia
  • French + Folk = LeFolk
  • Chinese + Classical = Classinese
  • Korean + K-pop = KOREA-POP-KOREA (KPK)

They don’t seem right together, but I’m sure that’s what many thought of Jazushi originally.

Jazushi interior

Salmon carpaccio

Green tea noodle salad

Saikyo miso cod

Deep fried camembert

Assorted sushi selection

JFC - Jazushi Fried Chicken on bed of tartare sauce

Pork kakuni

Wagyu beef fillet

Creme brulee

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  • The food here is not brilliant but it doesn’t have to be as the presence of a live jazz band makes it a night to remember.

  • deep fried chicken is always good! The JFC looks like a must try :)

  • It’s been a couple years since I went to Jazushi but I really loved it for what it was. When I went though, the JFC was a little disappointing but their miso pork belly was just to die for. I love how there’s a live jazz band playing. Makes the dining experience that much more enoyable :)

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