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They say it’s always the quiet ones you got to watch out for – they could disturbingly wild beneath the skin. By day I’m a 9-to-5 office drone with an uncontrollable urge to ensure my black Rexel stapler is fully loaded. By night I become Jabba the Hutt devouring new restaurants whole together with my entourage of women chained by my tableside. Few live to tell the tale.

Oscillate Wildly is another perfect case study of outstanding deception. Blink and you’ll miss the unassuming shop front that encloses a space no bigger than a garden gnomes shoe box – it’s tiny. Inside, every shade of neutral blah is draped on those four walls and by now you’d be thinking the first course is going to be beige digestive crackers and a sprinkle of iodised salt.


If the dining room is the Queen of England, then the kitchen is David Bowie – A chameleon of a rockstar. The non-descript menus provide  twists and turns through the meal; scallops are turned into wafer thin crackers combined with foie gras puffed into a mousse – and that’s just the first course. It takes a lot of bravado to dish up their creations. I mean they even tackled the ugliest vegetable in mankind, the “Buddha’s Hand” and paired it with wagyu beef. I guess wagyu does make everything better.

Admittedly, some dishes in the daring degustation-only meal don’t get me fired up like the entrees, but their artfully presented desserts would make Picasso shed a tear and salivate at the same time. Texture is king at OW, with most dishes juggling soft and hard, smooth and crunchy, moist and dry with deft skill only a sane clown can manage. By the end of Oscillating Wildly, your clothes are still clean, your hair-do is intact and your tastebuds are singing.



Foie Gras, Scallop, Hazelnut

Scampi, Ponzu, Wild Rice

Pine, Curd, Needles

Blue Eye, Pea, Hops

Duck, Black Garlic, Grains

Beef, Artichoke, Buddha's Hand

'Cheese on Toast'

Rose, Lychee, Violet

Pandan, Rye, Milk Jam

Petit Fours

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  • I went here back in the day when it was $45 for three courses and BYO wine. I think it’s high time I revisited! That cheese on toast… cool!

  • Phillip Nom says:

    The cheese course is optional but how can you pass on cheese ice cream on a praline crumble base? Hope you enjoy it!

  • the cheese on toast sounds interesting! but its the Pandan, Rye, Milk Jam dessert that looks the yummiest :)

  • Phillip Nom says:

    The desserts were yummy indeed!

  • It all looks so pretty! This has been on my list of places to go to for the longest time but it bugs me that I never know what’s on their menu (though I just went on their site and noticed that they’ve made it less secretive and the menu is shown, yay)

  • Phillip Nom says:

    You should definitely visit! Interesting food in a quaint and relaxed place.

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