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This is sushi swank town

Catching a model eating is as rare as seeing a duck crossing a road smoking a cigar. On the slim occassion you see a model eat, it’s always sushi – it’s healthy, it’s fresh and it’s immaculately presented. One of my life long dreams is to have a pillow fight on a bed made out of fluffy clouds with 27 supermodel-grade females. So I set out and scoured every sushi joint in order to realise my plausible dream. All became too hard after 4 hours on the yellow pages until my girlfriend Miranda Kerr told me “why don’t you try Sokyo at the Star?”

Kingfish Miso Ceviche – Green chilli, crispy potato

There I realised, Sokyo. It was designed to be a model magnet:
Slick cocktail bar and lounge – check
Loud electronica all night – check
Swanky interior fit out – check
Marquee night club around the block – check
High-end fashion – naturally

Even the front of house staff look like photocopies off the cover of Vogue – so easy on the eye and so-so fashion. I knew I hit jackpot.

Hokkaido Scallop Yuzu Honey – Onion, capers, yuzu honey, crunchy miso

Moreton Bay Bug – Burnt butter mayo, passion fruit jelly, vegemite croutons

Sokyo glams up sashimi and sushi like a million-dollar celebrity makeover: toasted rice tuna nigiri with truffle and spicy mayo is a knockout, but so too is the yuzu honey dressed scallop sashimi with capers(!) and tomato(!). Versace would be so inspired, he might sow paper cranes on his leather jackets. But unlike many imitators of ‘modern’ Japanese cuisine, Sokyo stands tall from the “Praada” and “Channel” copycats with dishes that are beautiful to look at and on the palate.

Enoki Mushroom – Sokyo tempura sauce

Being the considerate style icon that I am, I realise haute corture is not to everyone’s taste. So for you lesser beings, Sokyo’s timeless Japanese classics are so now and oh-so-chic. Miso cod has been done to death like dirty denim, but teamed with a fresh-as salsa and jaw-dropping marinade, Sokyo’s new take almost stops traffic. Tired tempura? No way! The whisper light battered enoki mushrooms are so delicately tasty, even a supermodel will scoff it down like a famished pig.

(Bottom) Salmon Belly Aburi – Spicy daikon oroshi, (Top) Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice – Crispy nigiri, truffle salt, spicy mayo

Aside from the fabolous food, all the guests here (apart from the kitchen staff) are either models or wannabe models – Armani suits, silk dresses, 10-inch stilettos and handbag bling are all out in full force. Miranda was right, this is a place to been seen eating, even for a model like me. – PN


DengakuMan – Caramelised miso cod, Japanese salsa, celery croutons

Fatty Tuna Shallots Roll

Chef’s dessert sampler (clockwise) – Goma Street, Miso Tapioca, Yamazaki Caramel Macchiato and Sokyo “Mochi Ice Cream”

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