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If somehow you knew tomorrow that a chef will turn your body into a product of human consumption, how would you like to be served?

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Oscillate Wildly is another perfect case study of outstanding deception. Blink and you’ll miss the unassuming shop front that encloses a space no bigger than a garden gnomes shoe box ... More
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When I stumbled upon a restaurant named ‘Uccello’ located in the Ivy frat-house of Sydney, I so happen to carry my 1,200 page Oxford Dictionary in my wallet and realised ... More
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One of the most memorable experiences about fine dining is when you just book on the same day, no expectations, no waiting time, just walk in. Of course, not all ... More
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We all know the famous Pho An from Bankstown serves up almightly Pho from the broth of unicorns and magic, but did you know some wizard wearing a cape one ... More
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Pretty sure Momofuku is run by crack ninjas...From the outside, it's all covered by black wooden slats but you wouldn't dare stare through the gaps too long cause they'll f%@$ing ... More